PM Modi decides India should host the 2024 International Olympic Games

2010 Common Wealth Games did not go as planned, will India do great at hosting the  International Olympic Games 2024?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown some keen interest in the news that countries have started to bid for 2014 International Olympic Games. PM wants India to host the most extravagant sports event and will be discussing it with the International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach at the end of April.

International Olympic Committee president, Thomas Bach will be visiting New Delhi on 27th April. He believes that a country with 1.2 billion people should make for a great host for organizing such a big event. He said, “How can we ignore a country of 1.2 billion people?”

The location for the big event if hosted in India can be Ahmedabad however, nothing has been decided on it, yet.

The last date for the countries to submit their entries for 2024 International Olympic Games is October and the committee will have to shortlist the names of possible hosts by May 2016.

We are both glad and excited to see Modi’s interest in hosting this international event. India has never hosted such an event except the 2010 Common Wealth Games for which it was in the bad light for controversies, corruption and wasting of public resources. We hope we do a good job if we get to host the 2024 International Olympic Games.

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