This is what really happens when you plan your wedding

Having a girlfriend is cool and proposing her binds you both with a thick thread of responsibilities. At times you may fail to notice. Have you proposed your girlfriend recently and the wedding bells are already ringing? When it comes to wedding, there are never ending to-do lists that you guys, I meant the couple specially needs to go through.

Your soul is very happy and excited about the fact that you proposed someone you love and you both are getting married very soon; however, at the same time your pocket, your ideas, your thinking capacities and your event management skills are facing a heartbreaking moment because the inputs given by these poor things are never enough. Wedding hangouts are the only free parties people just cannot stop themselves enjoying along with criticizing the planning. How hard is it for you to try to recall all your friends on your guest-list? There would be one old friend that you meet later and he/she comes to you asking, “How was the wedding”?

Watch this amusing ‘How to Plan a Wedding in 10 steps’ video by CollegeHumor which shows how everybody has to go through this in their lives.

Is anyone of your friend getting married very soon? Don’t forget to share this video. I am sure they would feel like it’s they who are playing the lead in this video.