17 reasons why twins are the best as siblings

Don’t you feel that it would be great to have your best friend around you 24*7? Don’t you think it’s awesome when you always have someone whom you can pester? Don’t you always wish to have somebody who would understand you like nobody else? If the answer to all the above questions is a yes, then you must know what it’s like to have a twin!

Yes, twins enjoy innumerable perks. To know what these are, check this article out and get jealous!

1. You have a day dedicated in your name!
It’s Twins Day!

twins daySource

2. You don’t need to look for a friend outside!
You have got your best friend since your birth!

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3. Sometimes it’s fun to fool people!
Confuse them; but acting innocent is the key!


4. You never have to go anywhere alone!
Because you’re twin is always going to be around.


5. You don’t have to deal with people who are completely opposite from you!
They can choose to not bother you and your twin.



6. You always have someone to talk to about your problems.
You are never alone in the fight.

hold me


7. You are the best partners in crime!
Because you are best friends hello!

partners in crime


8. Giving gifts is never a problem!
Because you know exactly what he/she would like!



9. It’s awesome to share a birthday!
How cool is that!

birthday cakeSource

10. Sometimes he/she drives you nuts!
But your fights last just a few minutes!


11. You share innumerable inside jokes!
Which mostly nobody understands.



12. You always have twice the number of clothes, shoes and accessories!
We know boys won’t care!


13. Talk about twin telepathy!
You can know what your twin is up to! (Bwahahaha…Evil laugh!)



14. Twins be like: Let’s get crazy together!
Meanwhile, haters gonna hate.



15. Nobody can dare to mess with you because then they have two people to deal with!
Nobody messes with my twin!

no messing


16. Your twin will always support you no matter what!
He/she will always have your back and you just know it.

twin love


17. But truth be told, no matter how much he/she annoys you, you just can’t live without him/her!
Your love is hard to define!



Got any other reasons as to why you love your twin? Let’s talk about it, right in the comments section below!

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