7 perfect to answers to nail the sexist arranged marriage questions

I bet most of the women who are into an arranged marriage or who have been through the arranged marriage meetings must have come across some really painful questions. Ranging from not being allowed to work post marriage to conforming to a certain set of rules – we’ve seen it all.

Well, here’s something that you’re going to love, if at all you have to go through the whole arranged marriage thing. Marry in a Week has come up with a list of awesome comeback you can give, when asked such questions. Check them out –

1. You have a yes, if it’s an offer!

2. Or maybe, you are a lot into crime serials.

3. That’s how we’ll make it work.

4. And we can take turns!


6. Rules are for all, right?

7. Because, friendship sees no gender. 

Got any witty comebacks for such questions? Let us know in the comments section below!