OnePlus might soon launch an Apple AirTag rival called ‘OnePlusTag’

There have been rumors that OnePlus might be joining Apple and Samsung in the smart tag market and could soon release its own location tag. 

The ‘Never Settle’ brand recently filed a trademark for the name ‘OnePlusTag.’ In a trademark filed on May 18th, 2021, by OnePlus parent company Beijing Intangible Technology Co., Ltd, we see the OnePlusTag listed as seen in the photo below. The listing doesn’t reveal the sort of device it’s intended for, but it sure looks like the type of name that could be used for an item tracking tag.

This is only a trademark, so there are no signs of how OnePlus would contend with AirTag highlights, when it may launch, or whether the organization is making an item in any case. Though, companies do tend to reserve trademarks for names they might use.

With the OnePlus Nord CE launch scheduled this month, we can expect the brand to reveal the location tag with the Phone, or perhaps it could save it for a later period, maybe with the launch of the OnePlus Nord 2 or 9T.

Rumors from far and wide suggest that Oppo is dealing with a location tag as well. What’s more, taking into account how closely OnePlus and Oppo have been working lately, there’s a decent possibility OnePlus’ item will just be a rebranding of Oppo’s contribution. With Samsung and Apple ruling this market, any new competitors are always welcome.

Despite the fact that location tags are helpful, there have effectively been reports of hacking and Apple AirTags being utilized to stalk people. With new innovation come new dangers, and it will be fascinating to perceive what OnePlus may think of to battle these issues as the organization runs after offering its OnePusTag for sale to the public.