Carl Pei’s Nothing is working on a smartphone launching next year

Earlier this year, Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus left the company and formed his own new venture and named it ‘Nothing.’ The company recently launched its first product, true wireless earphones, which goes by the name Nothing Ear (1). So far, that’s the only product that has come out from the company’s garage.

Nothing Logo

However, that is about to get changed. Nothing recently announced its partnership with Qualcomm, the company which is the leader in supplying chipsets to the flagship or premium Android smartphone. While announcing the partnership, none of the companies revealed what product they plan to work on together.

Now, as we all expected all along, it turns out that Nothing is working on its own smartphone. It is also being claimed that the Nothing smartphone could become official in early 2022. Right now, there’s not much information about this upcoming phone or how the company plans to position it in the market.

Before the launch of its phone, the company is expected to launch its power bank which is likely to be called Nothing Power (1). Carl Pei is doing the opposite of what he did with OnePlus. This time, he is launching mobile accessories first, followed by a smartphone.

Since the departure of Carl Pei from OnePlus, the Chinese company has gone through some drastic changes. OnePlus co-founder and CEO Pete Lau took on a role at OPPO where he is responsible for product planning and experience. Soon after that, OnePlus got merged with OPPO and the codebase of ColorOS and OxygenOS have also been merged together.