10 best or worst food items to cure hangover

No one has ever advocated the thought, ‘drink more than the last time’, but you silly, always go overboard with drinking. It is fun to get drunk a lot more than you can drink because you think you deserve a few more bottles of wine. Now if you got your-silly-butt home last night and now your head is pounding to the beats of welcome to the jungle, you deserve an effective hangover cure.


1. Water- Alcohol rids your body off all the liquids. So when your body starts extracting from your other parts even brain- you invite headaches. So make sure you tuck yourself in bed after you have had enough water. If you find out that you had passed out on the couch while drinking with friends, make sure you get some water as soon as you get up.



2. Coconut water, Gatorade or any sports drink- You can have Gatorade or any other sports drinks to keep a possible hangover away. Coconut is a great remedy too.

coconut watergatorade-gatorade-fixation-600-55196



3. Ginger or Peppermint Tea- Ginger tea and peppermint tea fight nausea and motion sickness. Voila!



4. Fruit Juice- Pick any, but orange. They will help in boosting body’s metabolism to fight alcoholic toxins and will give you enough energy besides hydrating your body. 

Cranberry Juice


Foods can help.

5. Bananas, kiwi, and spinach- If you do not feel like having fruits or any salads, make yourself a great smoothie! Just blend the fruits and vegetable together in yogurt and have it. 



6. Eggs- Amino acid in eggs fight the bad toxins and help get a cure from that splitting headache.

scrambled eggs 


7. Chicken Noodle Soup- Care for some soup? Noodles will restock body’s hydration levels and cysteine in chicken and vegetables give the nagging liver the much needed energy. 



8. Honey Toast- Make yourself a honey toast and say good-bye to headache.honey toast


9. Oats- Have a bowl of oats rich in B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and iron to be happy just like the last night. 



10. Tomato juice- Vitamin-C and fructose help in energizing the liver. So a glass of tomato juice is all you need. 

tomato juice


Stay away from!

Fried food, hair of the dog (do not drink up in the morning thinking, it will help as it never does), coffee and orange juice (sour citrus is bad).

Hope these ways will hep you get your energy back after a mad night of booze and dance. :)

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