He thought it was ‘no big deal’ until he saved a life of a person fighting leukemia

What do you say to yourself when you donate blood? “No big deal!” Do you realize your carefree, just-one-time experience has saved many lives?

Wilson decided to donate his bone-marrow to a woman fighting leukemia. He thought what we all think before we prepare ourselves at the time of duration.

no big deal gesture

What he did not know is his no-big-deal attitude could have been a big deal for someone.

no big deal gesture saved a life - alice

What mattered to him was the fact that he will be able to give someone another chance to live.

no big deal gesture saved a life

Typically, a person has only a 1 in 20,000 chance of finding a match for a bone-marrow donor. Wilson is from Singapore. He has never met Alice, who was dying of leukemia before Wilson donated. All he knew was she was of the same age as his mother and their DNA matched. He was happy to know he will be able to save a life.

no big deal gesture saved a life - mother

He decided to get to know all the facts about bone-marrow donation. He was surprised to know that people considered it painful, and even went on saying he could never have kids after the transplant. This got him really determined to do what he had decided on doing as he wanted to break all the myths and misconceptions.

With his experience, he learnt, bone marrow donation method was actually like donating blood. One doesn’t need to go under general anaesthesia, it’s quick and the pain is limited to only injections. He feels grateful and lucky for getting an opportunity to save someone’s life. He thinks his kids will be proud of his father.

The fact you that have chosen to give another a gift of life makes you a hero. He was willing to give without even knowing to whom.

no big deal gesture saved a life - memory

Two years later, Alice and Wilson met for the first time. She is completely alright and healthy.

no big deal gesture saved a life - meeting alice

Wilson didn’t have millions to donate, but what he gave was priceless. You never know when and in what point in life you could be making a huge difference in someone’s life. Wilson is an example that tells our goodness does not need to be limited to people we know, our good nature and intent can make all the difference across borders.