This newspaper delivery boy rejected a job offer made by WIPRO to pursue his bigger dreams

This is the story where passion and ambition took one to greater heights!

Shiva Kumar Nagendra came to Bangalore from Mysore with his family at an early age. When his father, a truck driver, met with an accident that rendered him bed-ridden for 3 years, his mother had no choice but to begin working to support his family. She started making garlands so Shiva and his sister could sell them in the market. However, selling garlands did not help enough and that is when Shiva started delivering newspaper. 

“I started delivering newspapers. It was a morning job, so I could continue my studies,” Shiva told Hindustan Times. 

He could have easily fetched a job at a restaurant or as a mechanic however, Shiva decided to continue his studies.

While delivering newspaper, Shiva spotted a man at his gate. He handed him the newspaper and asked if he could come and clean his car in the evenings a she needed more money. In the evening when Shiva came to clean the car, he decided to gain courage to ask the man if he could pay his school fees. “Sir, I need Rs 15,000 to pay my school fees.” He told him to visit his school and pay the fees if he didn’t trust him. The man went to Shiva’s school the next and found out that Shiva had been a topper in his class. When he returned, he told Shiva, “I’ll take care of all your education expenses. Just focus on your studies and don’t quit!”

Shiva wanted a better life for his family and himself. He started a a newspaper distribution agency at the age of 10 and topped in his board exams. He even  successfully managed to get a seat at the Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT) and was offered a job at WIPRO.

“Vyas uncle, an entrepreneur, thought that taking up the job would get me a fixed salary, but it wouldn’t change my life.” Shiva told. Vyas uncle wanted Shiva to pursue higher studies if he wanted to have a well paying job.

Shiva was in a fix, his family insisted he took the job.  “When I told them that I planned to decline the offer, they pleaded with me to work at least for a few years.” He explained how an IIM/IAS student has a bigger future and much better salary than a BIT graduate.

Shiva decided to take the CAT test. Vyas uncle got him admitted into a tutorial centre. Shiva was handling engineering classes, MBA preparation, and his fast-expanding newspaper agency, all of them together.

He was nervous before the results came. “It was competitive and difficult to match the students — many from the best colleges of the country.”

When he finally got into IIM Calcutta, he did not let his background affect him. Students in the college respected Shiva and were happy for what he had achieved in life.

“For years, I woke up at 4 am and slept at midnight. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. I’ve worked hard for what I wanted.”

Shiva just graduated from IIM this year and has joined a startup to begin his new life.

News Source: HT