This Muslim man who takes care of a Shiva Temple and a Dargah deserves respect!

In the times when some people think two communities are different and some even work to divide them, Mohammed Zahir does what no one can. To spread the idea of communal harmony, Mohammed Zahir, a 40-year old Muslim, as his name suggests, works as a caretaker of Lord Shiva temple in Khandwa, Indore. Zahir respects the temple and Hindu traditions. He finds the Shiva Temple equally holy as he finds a Muslim dargah.

He sweeps the floor, decorates the Shiva Linga and stays in the temple throughout the day. He has been taking care of the temple for the last 6 years!

He was employed as a caretaker by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Zahir finds it his privilege to serve the Hindu temple. He also takes care of a dargah just a few walks away from the temple.

“The temple does not have a ‘pundit’ to conduct prayers or do rituals and he sometimes commits to help tourists by offering their prayers and performs ‘archana’ to the Shiva Linga,” according to The New Indian Express Report.

He believes serving the two holy places will set an example of equality for his five children. He also thinks that it will teach them to accept different religions to maintain communal  harmony.

Facebook user Sujit Meher too has shared his respect for Mohammad Zahir and we have to say nothing can beat this man’s spirit.

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Posted by Sujit Meher on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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