Mumbaikars talk about being an Indian – a hilariously sweet video!

Mumbai – that one city, which never lets you down, irrespective of what you’re looking for!

I’ll be completely honest here. The moment I see a video about Mumbai or Mumbaikars, I am sure that will watch it, even though it could be about any random topic. The city of dreams has always fascinated me and the people over there, even more!

This dude of BeingIndian, Sahil Khattar, went on the streets of Mumbai to ask them, what it is, to be an Indian. Rather, what is being an Indian all about.

Like always, Mumbai never lets you down. While watching the video, I went through numerous emotions at the same time – I was laughing, smiling at the little kid ho knew a lot more than most of us and I was proud to see a taxi driver sharing so much knowledge about the Republic Day and its makers, which again most of the educated ones failed to answer.

Here. watch the whole sweet-hilarious-funny-awesome video!