Mother feeds her daughter with insults and her boy with treats, what the onlookers did will restore your faith in humanity

According to NDTV’s social experiment, a mother takes her son out to have some chat and ice-cream while neglecting her daughter. Her constant taunting with discriminating remarks and ill behavior towards the girl made the on-lookers (a couple with a son and two young boys) uncomfortable and a bit angry. Just when the crew and the actors were waiting for the onlookers to react, the lady along with her husband started to deal with the situation for the sake of the poorly treated girl by telling the mother ‘a girl and a boy child are equal’. The actors waited till evening if the other set of onlookers will react or not, to everyone’s surprise and relief a mother and daughter along with two ‘burkha’ clad women shared their piece of mind with the lady.  This video is a sheer relief to know a few of the rational people will not hesitate to stand up for a girl’s rights.