Did you know, playing Monopoly could be destructive for your friendship? Here’s how

When you decide to play a game with your friends, a few things are bound to happen. We all have that one friend who plays for the heck of it. Then there’s one who loves to stick to the rules. There will also be that one ass of a friend who will be busy on his phone while playing it.

East India Comedy shared a video of a few friends who were trying to play Monopoly and how it resulted into things that weren’t really planned…

It all started with…

EIC Monopoly (2)

And then you know, this is kinda mandatory!

EIC Monopoly (3)

Things didn’t turn out as good as were planned.

EIC Monopoly (4)

There was a friend who was paying close attention to the game, by swiping right on Tinder continuously.

EIC Monopoly (5)

And things got nasty when the two of them got these cards out of nowhere!

EIC Monopoly (6)

Ultimately, this one got furious. Very furious.

EIC Monopoly (1)

So what made this guy so furious? You have to watch the video to find out how Monopoly can actually destroy friendships –