Model transforms glamorously into a gorgeous woman from the last 100 decades in this video

Watch this beautiful model transform with her hairstyle and makeup into a gorgeous woman from all the eras starting from 1910 to 2010!

1920’s Make up!

We love how the lipstick has been applied on her lips.

1920's makeupSource

1940’s Make up! 

How could they really have those hair cones stay up throughout the day!

1940's makeupSource

1960’s Makeup!

Chic girl glamour!

1950's makeupSource

1980’s Makeup!

Hair sprays and hair sprays! **cough-cough


2010’s Makeup!

Glamourous makeup and the ugly duck face!

2010 makeupSource

Watch the cool video here.

PS: Perfect for all the costume parties!

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