#MindBlown: This 57-story skyscraper built in 19 days in China grows by 3 floors every day

VOILA! Xian Min Zhang got his 57-story 2-million-square-foot skyscraper built in just 19 days. The skyscraper energy efficient and is built with Lego-like blocks. The company is increasing it height tremendously without any flaws. Zhang says that they are building 3 floors per day.

skyscraper in china

This building equipped with 19 10-meter-high atriums, 800 apartments, and office space for 4,000 people. Zhang says the building will be pollution free and so the people will find the skyscraper safe and in a healthy environment.

The building was made dust free as the use of modules reduced the use of concrete by 15,000 trucks. The air inside the building is 99.9% pure due to the tight construction and built-in air conditioning system. The building has quadruple-pane glass and is energy efficient. He also claims it will save 12,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission as compared to any building of the same size and use.

If India was to build homes this quickly, we don’t think anybody will be homeless.

News and image sourced from Sploid