The story of how Milind Soman quit smoking could be an inspiration to every smoker

We all know his story – how at the age of 50, just due to his iron will power and unbeatable determination, he could earn the Iron-man title by completing the toughest Triatholon. That’s Milind Soman for you. He’s 50, but his healthy lifestyle doesn’t let him look like his age. Not many would know that he was once a chain smoker and he gave up smoking for good. That one thing helped him achieve what he is, today. For every smoker out there who’s trying to quit smoking but is not able to, Milind Soman’s story shared by Humans of Bombay could be an inspiration. 

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“As I’ve become older, I’ve taken a fond liking to simplicity. The kind of things I do, or need have evolved over time…

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Thursday, October 29, 2015