Men will be men! Funny things you should not do when you spot a girl

Be YouNick is back with another funny video. This video is aligned with the other Imperial Blue Men Will Be Men  ad videos. However, this only tells what NOT to do when spot a hot chic in a coffee shop.

But you know what? Men will be men!

what men exactly do


How can one expect them to not to look at the girl and give her a pass!

How can expect them to behave if they have a gorgeous lady sitting right opposite them in a coffee shop


They tell lies to get their attention.

my name is vikram oberoi


Men can sometimes have big mouths.

1302 spinta appt


What happens during all of this? The guy on the other table watches the man impress the hottest chic around.

the other guy has nothing to do but to watch you impress the chick


But what will happen now is only the unexpected! You must watch this funny video to know what happens later!