Meet the chai-wala boy who got an offer letter to work as a web-developer for

Even Modi started as a chai-wala. Big journeys start from smaller beginnings.

You may call it a story of ‘from rags to riches’, we like to call it a story of never dying determination. A class 6 drop-out from Jharkhand at the age of 13, one day sets out in search of a well paying job in the city of dreams, Mumbai to help his family. The boy, Raju Yadav was so lucky that he got his first job right on the day 2 in Mumbai as a chai-wala. Raju would serve tea and coffee at different offices in south Mumbai. Soon he was offered a job as an office assistant at (which was known as back in the days when Raju joined), where right now, Raju works as a programme developer.


“I was in charge of opening the office in the morning, cleaning up a bit, ensuring supply of tea and coffee, going to the bank, were my duties as an office assistant. Now, of course, I have to develop programmes as a web developer, my new role.” 

Raju always knew that he can never have a better job until he gets proper education. So when he got back home on holidays, he got himself admitted in the school and brought the study material back with him. He spent one hour daily on the study material after work. After his 1st failed attempt, Raju succeeded in clearing his 10th board exams with 61% which gave him encouragement and the much needed push to study further. Once Raju cleared 12th board exams with 47%, he begin pursuing B. Com from Mumbai University.

Seeing his enthusiasm towards learning and getting better education, let Raju stay late in the office so he could pursue an online course in the field. Raju was offered a job at Shaadi.comupon the completion of his course. Raju was offered the job that he always dreamt of on 1st April. Just 8 days ago!

Raju is quite kicked with his new role and says he still wants to learn. “Even as web developer I know I have so many miles to go. People may say I have come a long way from a little village to chai boy and now developer but my appetite for learning can never be sated.”

Sometimes people do talk to Raju about PM Modi and their similar journeys as both started as tea sellers. “I prefer to think about Modi’s policies than any parallels to my journey. In the end, work is work. If Modi had not become PM, would anybody have known he was a tea seller once?” 




Raju is a keen debater. He likes to share his views on current affairs.

The new achiever wants all the parents to provide for their kids’ proper education so they all can have better lives that they deserve. He shares the attitude of small town people towards education-

 “I want to tell parents that they must put an absolute premium on their child’s education. I have seen parents who do not think education is important. Sometimes, it is poverty that makes them put more emphasis on jobs over education but many times, when they have money, they prefer to buy land rather than spend it on their child’s education. There are many youngsters, too who wait all their life for government jobs, and in the process of waiting, whittle away their time to do something else. Do not wait all your life for that govt. job, which might be elusive.”

Needless to say, that Raju’s brilliant story about his love for learning more, his bright ambitions and his enthusiasm towards life is a piece of inspiration. Here as we sip this tea, we like to raise a toast to Raju.