Meet Bikal, the youngest self-made engineer and Sikkim’s youngest child prodigy

Sikkim’s 19 year old child prodigy, Bikal Rai, a school drop out, is making  a huge mark by becoming the youngest self-made engineer in India. Bikal has made numerous inventions and is the go-to electronic repairer for the people in his village. He repairs TVs, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.

Some of his inventions are-

bikal raiSource


1. A hydro power generator which produces 2.3 volt energy that can lighten 3 bulbs and can charge up to 4 mobile phones at once.


2. A fan (with DC -3 voltage) which can throws cool air like a normal fan

3. 2 excavator models by using waste material like- syringes, drip pipes, plastics, and tyres. The excavator has light, power steering and an FM (93.5) radio in it.

3. He has developed a vehicle battery charger. Many people go to him to get their vehicle batteries charged.

4. He has also made a sensor car which moves on the sound of claps. 

5. Automatic water tank overflow stopper.

Bikal Rai is the only one supporting his family because his father is extremely sick at the moment. He dreams of continuing his studies and learning his favourite subjects, PCM.

PS. If you like to support Bikal in making his dream come true, you can get in touch with him at 7407671025