Mumbai man delivers free food for senior citizens along with hope and smiles

In a country where most trusts and  NGOs do not survive well without sponsors and money raisers, a 57-year-old kind man named, Mark D’souza has been able to provide for food for around 40 people.  Mark D’souza has become a popular name in Borivali’s IC Colony.

People from IC Colony visit their local hero every day. Mark started offering free food to people in 2012. His customers majorly include senior citizens who stay alone and cannot cook.

79-year-old Patricia D’souza, who is one of Mark’s favourite customers, told Iamin“My husband died, my children died, I’m all alone. My brother gave me this place, but I cannot cook, so Mark’s free service is like a blessing. He came into my life when I needed him the most. He comes to the doorstep with such a pleasant smile that it just makes my day; very humble and noble Mark. He, through the years, has become my pillar of strength.”

Mark serves vegetarian food on weekdays and non-vegetarian food on the weekends. He says,

“A lot of Gujarati senior citizens come to me, so I have to keep them also happy. I do as much as I can, whatever is in my capability. I have hired a cook, she has been a great help, and I will continue to do this till the time my body serves me.”

This clearly explains that one does not need to be a rich man to serve the people or to become someone’s support system, all one needs is the right intention and a good heart.

If there is a local hero around you, who inspires you, and makes works to make a change and add value to many lives, write to us for the world needs more heroes than politicians.