A man has just one best friend. What can you do to get him to stand up?

What does a man do when his best friend does stand up when stroked or even yelled at? He goes to a therapist. The therapist requests Varun to meet his bestie. and hands him a boner pill.

main aapke dost se miln chahta hun


When his friend finally appears, they go trip down the memory lane. “Tu jo mere haath aya toh jaadu sa chaya”

haath aya


Kept his best friend groomed whenever he needed a haircut.

kept his best friend groomed


But the problems started when he tried to check his penis size.

penis size


The things got worse when he got a job. He was clouded with stress and smoke.

ye bhi kaam hai


The good doctor did something and everything was back to normal. To know what he did that brought Varun and his best friend together, you have to watch this hilarious video by All India Bakchod.