This man was told he will never be able to cut a road through the mountain it took him 22 years to prove himself

All great men have a few things in common, they have more madness, passion and un-altered love for their family and fellowmen. Often called as crazy and fickle-minded, these people touch and change lives. When a labourer in Bihar named, Dashrath Manjhi decided to break the mountain to make a permanent road for his family and his fellow town members for they can access the nearby town loaded with opportunities without causing harm to their lives, people thought the man had lost his wits. The reason why Manjhi decided to break the mountain was that once climbing the mountain, his wife got badly injured while bringing him the food. Looking at her injuries, he decided to break the mountain so that no injuries can be caused to anybody. He wanted to uplift his town members, to give them a high-life condition is what he dreamt of. The next town was just a mile away, people had to climb and go through the mountain walking 45 miles to reach it.mountainman


People told him, he will never be able to do anything so big because he was poor, but Dashrath sold his goats, bought a chisel, a hammer, and a crowbar and made his dream come true in 22 years of hard labour. People remember Manjhi as the mountain man, his friends are working towards educating the kids in the town, to help them make a good future. People worship Manjhi for his dedication and great work.

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