Madonna talks about her horrible fall during her performance at the BRIT Music Awards

As we all know, Madonna had a terrible fall during the BRIT Music Awards when her dance crew yanked her cape as planned during her performance.



Her heavy cape got stuck around her neck. So, when the dancers yanked it to reveal Madonna dressed like a ring master, she went tumbling down the stairs on the stage.

Though she recovered in a few seconds, and was back on stage singing and dancing to her latest song, ‘Living for Love’.

Madonna revealed she cried when she got back home.

“I went to my room and cried from humiliation – not because I was in pain. Nothing hurt on me. That’s just the weirdest thing, I’m hard on myself.”- Madonna

We have to say that at 56, Madonna has a really strong body and mind. And she must have been sipping on water from the fountains of youth because she doesn’t look her age.

Here’s the video of Madonna sharing the entire onstage fall incident with Ellen on her show.