His friend lost his father due to this so called ‘5-star’ Delhi hospital’s lack of attention and care

Has the meaning of care and purpose changed for the so-called big speciality hospitals and the doctors treating patients in them? When it comes to providing the right treatment and medication to a patient, we trust a doctor and the hospital staff. However, the latest incident that happened at Delhi’s Max Hospital in Saket has a story that might give you a shock.

Nishant Verma shared the incident that happened with his friend during his presence at the Max Hospital when his friend’s father was admitted in the ICU.  He says,

“He was kept on the ventilator for almost 3 weeks. Before going to his sleep.. He wrote , ICUs must have CCTVs . he scribbled a note that he asked the nurse to not sponge him with cold water as he gets lungs infection with it. The doctor scolded him and the nurse and still did his sponge bath with cold water that too in an air conditioned room. His condition deteriorated further and got pneumonia.”

His father lost his battle to cancer, yesterday! Upon his friend’s father’s demise, the hospital staff informed that two “we have packed the body”! Something, you can never expect a hospital staff to say that boosts of care and 5 star treatments. This was not enough. “The tray where they were keeping him was filled with mud, slush and water.. So my friend asked him to clean it. The guy gets a floor wiper. And my friend bought a pack of tissue paper. And cleaned it himself. This is the condition of a 5 star hospital in India .”

The conditions at most of the five star hospitals is deplorable! The fact that they talk big and perform nothing and break everyone’s trust is more frustrating than anything. Plus, a personal loss. Has making money become the only objective public care centers and hospitals?

Besides, sharing his anger, Nishant Verma also shared another incident from the past to highlight that hospitals and doctors have lost dignity and objective in life. People whom we thought were gods and life savers, are now nothing but a bunch of greedy, selfish and inconsiderate humans.

“Longtime Back At Batra Hospital , One of our employees was put on ventilator after dialysis and he went into coma. The hospital charged four bottles of mineral water for the patient when he was in coma .. Just imagine a patient in Coma drinking mineral water.”

Here is what Nishant shared on his Facebook handle’s Timeline.

nishant verma

We request you to share this post with as many people as you can so that this big issue which is both experienced at the so-called Delhi’s 5 star hospitals and known by many in our city  get all the attention it deserves. We do not trust in any doctor or a hospital so they could cost us our loved one’s lives. We must penalize all the over charging hospitals.

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