Bhumi Pednekar shares her weight loss tips; they are easy and fun to implement!

We recently shared pictures of Bhumi Pednekar which showed that she’s indeed a diva in making. From her first film, Dum Laga Ke Haisha, we knew that this beauty had a long way to go!

She weighed somewhere around 90 kgs when she had appeared in the movie and her journey of transformation into a diva that she is now has been incredible. She has decided to share her tips on Instagram and we couldn’t be more grateful for that!

Have a look at how she lost all those kilos, and #LoseItLikeBhumi!

Since my film released, there was this one question I was always asked – How did you lose your weight? I have spoken about my journey very often. But I didn’t know how to communicate with you guys better… So after a lot of thinking I realized, let’s start sharing some fun things I did to lose weight with you guys. I hope it’s of some use :)) So here is my first post!!! I had read a lot about – How drinking enough water is important. It absolutely is!!! But how often do we manage drinking 6 to 7 litres of water..not very. I do it now and trust me, water is a boon for your body. I wanted to make this habit a lot more fun, and I found this thing called detox water. It cleanses and detoxifies your body. Lemon not only cleanses your body but also makes it alkaline. It also boosts your immunity. Mint aids digestion and gives the drink some sweetness without any sugar. Cucumber has several benefits – it’s good for your skin, it keeps your body hydrated, and it contains anti inflammatory properties. In short, it’s good for you.Just remove it from the fridge in a couple a hours,strain the liquid and Just pop it your sipper and keep sipping on it…one of the things I tried… #LoseItLikeBhumi

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Wow! That’s one of hell of a tip.

Quitting or rather reducing the intake of refined sugar was one the best decisions of my life. Refined sugar –  brown or white – is nothing but taste and empty calories. In fact in the process to digest it, it empties your body of a lot of vitamins and minerals. For someone like me who has a sweet tooth,staying away from meetha was tough. So I thought,why crave and deprive yourself, when you have healthier options available today. Its just about opting for the  healthier bottle. Why not have a brownie that’s  amazing to taste but also beneficial to the body? Be it raw honey or stevia, these natural sweeteners are a boon and affordable too. Raw honey is good for digestion and is packed with zinc, potassium, calcium and vitamin B6. Add it to your nimbu paani, oats, even milk. You can also add it in your salad dressing. Honey can be used in various different ways. Please don’t cook it at high temperatures, as it will loose it’s taste and nutrients. Stevia is actually one of the oldest sweeteners known to mankind. It’s extracted from a plant and tastes very close to sugar. It has no calories or carbs. In fact it has anti-inflammatory properties and controls high blood pressure too. Use it in your morning chai or make desserts with it, as it’s a super replacement to sugar. Date syrup is actually one of my favourite things, as it’s a great alternative to the sugar you would add to your mithais or pastries. It gives you energy and is full of iron. Jaggery too is packed with health benefits. It cleanses you respiratory tract, stomach, food pipe, lungs and it aids in digestion. Then there is maple syrup, coconut sugar and a whole bunch of other natural sweeteners… all the information is available online. But always remember guys, even though these options are healthier, they still need to be eaten in moderation. A little restrain goes a long way in improving your health. Hope this was helpful.. Xx #LoseItLikeBhumi

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We’re totally going to try this one. What about you? Keep looking this space for more of Bhumi’s tips!