Longboard Stroller lets you and your kid have more fun than ever

A family that plays together, stays together. After working on their creative idea for 2 years, Quinny, an international brand that manufactures urban-style children’s strollers and other products, has released an amazing product. And this one is wonderful as it helps parents and their kids to have some adventure, and fun to bond together. European stroller designer has made a long-board stroller that lets a parent keep their baby with them while they are having fun skateboarding.


Quinny longboard babe stroller 1

This long-board stroller has been designed with a padded bumper bar and is equipped with a hand brake to pull whenever needed.

Quinny longboard babe stroller 2

Quinny longboard babe stroller 3

It is compact and easy to carry around!

Quinny longboard babe stroller 4

Though the product is high-quality and safe from all perspectives, the brand still urges the kids to wear a helmet at all times. 

Quinny longboard babe stroller

Watch how this works here.

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