#Inspirational: Scared little kid gives himself an encouraging pep talk before jumping in the pool

If there is something called fear then, you have to trust me that ‘it doesn’t exist’ or you can choose to trust this awesome kid who self-talks to pump himself up with courage to take a jump into his backyard pool.

This is him when he was cared to jump.

scared of jumping

But wait a second! The boy gives him a real great pep talk before taking a dip.

wait a second

“I am going to jump in this water right now!”

I am going to jump in this pool right now

Here we go!

here we go

Here’s this completely kick-ass video of this amazing little life coach.


We all are scared of heights and water. Whether it is to stand on a cliff to jump or, to stand outside a pool to take a dip, there is nothing that can stop you from doing what you want to do. If you are still scared then, you can listen to this little kid who is most likely to turn out to be the best of the best life coach.

Even  Academy Award-wining actor, Don Cheadle loved the little boy. He tweets: Aaaand the day is made. Thank you very much!


I would really to take a dip in the pool with this kid. :)