These 6 comics perfectly sum up the life of every guy post breakup

First things first, breakups are tough for everyone – be it a man or a woman. That doesn’t change the fact though, that both the genders react differently to break ups. In this particular series of comics, we have covered how most of the guys’ lives change post breakups.

Brandon Sheffield, the Oakland, California-based video game director felt like there was a “very specific person-sized hole” in his life, after his relationship ended after two years in 2014. He had to come out of this and for that, he started writing little vignettes about his experiences. He documented every little details of how it felt to go out without his girlfriend, or how depressing it was, to get into bed alone. He told HuffPost,

I noticed there were certain patterns to the way I felt and sort of rolled around through my days. But I also realized that even though my emotional wounds were specific to me, the way I was acting was very similar to what I’d seen friends go through.

With the help of his friend, New York-based illustrator Dami Lee, they tuned the stories into comic strips, and decided to call it No Girlfriend Comics. He said,

She added bits of herself here and there, which I think made the comic more relatable and not just for dudes.

Check out the awesomeness that these comics are, here:

Life after breakup (1)

Life after breakup (2)

Life after breakup (3)