This makeup artist can turn anyone into a cartoon superhero and her work is just mind-blowing

This Canadian artists kicks some butt at turning a man to look like a comic superhero! 

Lianne Moseley got on to a task to do makeup on her subjects for the Where Magazine with photographer, Neil Zee. The theme of this photoshoot was to turn the hot and sexy models into comic superheroes and needless, to say, Lianne did a fantastic job. 

lustredust insta capture


This behind the scenes image was taken while Lianne was doing her magic makeup on a model. Yes, that man with the hot-bod is real. Watch Lianne working on the models for the shoot and their final pictures in the video. 


Here are some of Lianne’s amazing works.

1. The hot spider and marvel moment!

marvel plus spider cosplay makeup


2. Will you believe me if I say the man on the right is real!

the man on the right is real


3. Lianne, herself as Poison Ivy! Damn! This woman has turned me into her fan already and now she is killing me with her awesome work.

poison ivy


4. Aquaman on the streets!

aqua man


5. This is so good! That the next time Marvel movies will not think of investing costumes, they will rather pay this artist for makeup and body painting. 

green lantern


6. Meet Lianne with the Where Magazine shoot’s models! 

lustredust insta capture- group pic




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