LG’s premium G1 OLED now comes with an extended 5-year warranty in the US and UK

Buying an LG G1 just got a bit safer, as LG is offering an extended 5-year warranty on its high-end OLED TVs. The warranty will be covering any issues that develop with its panel after the standard one-year warranty. This is a big step up from the 1-year warranty by LG, considering what the competitor companies are offering.

The warranty applies to both the 77-inch and 88-inch sizes of the LG Z1, and the 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch sizes of the LG G1. Although, it is still not fully disclosed as to which all countries would be getting this service. For now, this extended warranty is applicable only in the US and UK.

The extended warranty is obviously so designed that users are pushed from buying LG’s lower-end models like the C1 to the likes of G1. Not only that, but it should also gain people’s trust for the new brighter Evo OLED panel LG is using in the G1

Now what all does the warranty cover? It covers ‘panel failure on applicable LG OLED TV models due to a defect in materials or workmanship under normal and proper use’ – so it will cover basically any fault or damage that could have been on the company’s part rather than damages caused by the user.

A question was raised by Engadget, on whether the warranty would cover permanent image retention, aka “burn-in,” where parts of an image can remain visible after being displayed for an extended period. To this, LG replied,

“LG’s five-year limited warranty program is in line with the company’s consistent communication regarding the low risk of image retention on LG OLED TVs, when used in normal viewing conditions… As with any self-emitting display, OLED TVs may experience temporary image retention under certain conditions, but permanent image retention, or burn-in, is rare under normal viewing conditions. Image retention is not a product defect.”

Given the fact that LG G1 starts at $2,199 / £1,999, and the LG Z1’s RRP caps out at $29,999 / £24,999, they are crazy expensive and the extended warranty will nonetheless comfort the customers buying these models. LG will obviously include its previous warranty coverages which include damage caused by power surges, acts of nature, or improper installation.