Haven’t figured out your life? These 15 late bloomers will keep you inspired till you figure out

If you are the one who still do not find your job or what you do for life satisfying, we feel you! There have been many people who found out what they could do best in their lives when they were almost fighting their middle-age crisis. The famous wedding designer, Vera Wang, whose gorgeous wedding dress got Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway fight for the first time in Bride Wars, started her designer career when she was 39. Until then, she only wrote about fashion. English Writer, Joseph Conrad did not know how to speak in English until he was 20. If you think you are going to be a late bloomer, we say, you should thank yourself for that. Here, take inspiration from these 15 famous and successful late bloomers and never feel sorry for not knowing what to do with your life.

This well made info-graphic has been designed by Illustrator Anastasia Borko and Funders and Founders’ co-founder Anna Vital.

you are not too late to learn