This video shows exactly what every youth wants to do when added in a family chat group

Aarrgh! Chatting and being a part of a chat-group with friends is still tolerable than being a part of a family chat-group where you get images and jokes at every minute of your life.

Replying to your relatives is mandatory. Because, hey, everybody is watching. You can never mute the group nor can you never leave it in any case unlike the other groups you are on.

What can you do to stop the torture of receiving 50 cake pictures on a birthday, jokes for morning after good morning messages and pictures and images that tell you to forward to next 50 people and more?

JSK Shandaar Pariwaar

Murder the phone! Yes, sounds like a plan. 

mobiles murder

kyu kiya

This is what happens in this funny video by THE SOCIAL WORKERSSAVDHAN YOUTUBE, where a young daughter conspires with her lover to kill her uncle’s torturous phone.

savdhaan youtube

Oh, how I wish I could burn my uncle’s phone!

Watch this hilarious video here and we bet, you will die laughing!