Shocking! Jet Airways’ baggage handler mishandles and throws passengers’ luggage

Ever wondered why the delicate gifts you brought from your last trip abroad were broken when opened?  The airlines staff could be mishandling the well packaged souvenirs even if you had put the ‘handle with care’ tags on them.

A YouTube user named mzmujahed caught a Jet Airways baggage handler throwing the baggage into the trail. Whatever happened to common sense and work instructions!

jet airways luggage handler

Watch the video:

We are not sure as to how many baggage handlers are required to load the baggage on the plane but this video shows that there’s just one man doing the entire task. Was he too tired to load the baggage with care and that is why he ended up throwing all the bags? Or was he not given proper instructions on how to load passengers luggage? We suggest, the next time you board your flight, give instructions to handle the baggage with care and check on every fragile item in your bags at the airport so you can deal with the authorities in time.