American artist captured Indian scenes through his colourful drawings and they are perfect

In 2014, New York-based artist, Jeff Lewonczyk came to India. The artist, visited Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi during his official trip. While he traveled around, he made a point that he will draw one cartoon each day depicting his experience in India during his 14-day trip.

jeff lewonczyk


His cartoons show the interesting life in India. From being stuck in traffic to devouring delicious Indian food. His colourful cartoons show what every traveler would feel and take notice of in India. The cultural differences and the entire vibe of being in India is very well shown in his cartoons. These pictures are not only funny and cute to look at but are a great medium to introduce everyone to the culturally rich and interesting lifestyle of the local people in the country. Let’s take a look at them.

How it all began!

india beckoned

1. Tackling traffic scenes in India. 


traffic Jeff Lewonczyk

2. How there opportunities scattered around to make a living.


3. How to find peace.

on searching for silence Jeff Lewonczyk

4. One being a great Bollywood star’s fan.


Jeff Lewonczyk on meeting a bollywood star

5. The censorship!

hilarious censorship Jeff Lewonczyk

6. The confusing head-nods.

head nodding Jeff Lewonczyk

7. What to eat and how!food Jeff Lewonczyk

8. How festivals are celebrated.

festivities Jeff Lewonczyk

9. How development is picking up. 


10. The cultural shocker.

culture shock Jeff Lewonczyk

11. How subways can help beat traffic. 

crossing street

12. How to shop!

chor bazaar Jeff Lewonczyk

13. How India is populated with birds and people. 

birds Jeff Lewonczyk

14. The laid-back attitude of auto drivers. 

auto Jeff Lewonczyk


You can check Jeff Lewonczyk’s work on behance and tumblr.