11 inspiring and uplifting stories from Humans Of Bombay to get you through the day

All we need is love to get through the day! Though it will be wonderful if we get a dash of good and pure feelings, along with a pinch of beautiful and uplifting stories.

One of the best places to read feel good, inspirational stories is Humans of Bombay‘s Facebook page. “Humans of Bombay catalogs the beat of the city, one story at a time. It features the lives of the wide range of people that makes Bombay the city it is. Enter their lives, even if only for a minute and feel connected!” So without further ado, let’s look at 11 of the most inspiring stories posted by Humans of Bombay. 

1. Education can never impact your dreams.

humans of bombay story 1

2. We, humans were made out of love and trust. Never doubt someone’s intention.

humans of bombay story 2

3. Self-pity and begging are no good choices to make for one’s self.

humans of bombay story 3

4. Love money less and you have gained your freedom. 

humans of bombay story 4

5. Message from powerful working mothers. 

humans of bombay story 5

6. Remember! The ‘new phase’ is just around the corner.

humans of bombay story 6

7. Let everyone be, there’s a beauty in that.

humans of bombay story 7

8. Live for one’s who are alive and believe in you!

humans of bombay story 8

9. Where’s ‘your‘ world?

humans of bombay story 9

10. Change your world a bit and take risks, you get just one life to live.

humans of bombay story 10

11. At 5, I ran out of fear and now I run with confidence. 

humans of bombay story 11

Beautiful! Isn’t it? Let me know your favourite story or share yours, that’s even better! The day has just begun, stay inspired and do good for yourself.