From sleeping on a bus stop to owning a software company: the struggle story of this guy is incredibly inspirational

Mumbai is rightfully called the city of dreams because of all the dreams it has made come true of people who have struggled. Mumbai has surely seen a lot of struggle and success stories, and to add one more to that, Humans of Bombay shared an incredibly inspiring story of a guy who has struggled his way to success.

Sure enough, all his hardwork and perseverance paid off. This guy came to Mumbai when he was 19 with a mere amount of Rs. 1200. For 18 days, he slept at a bus stop outside JW Marriot, ate nothing but Tiger biscuits dipped in water and showered inside these local bathrooms before his interviews. He called every big call centre from a pay phone, but because he couldn’t speak English fluently — none of them even considered him. Finally, he got a job at a small local call centre in Andheri which paid him 1600 Rupees a month which was more than any money he had ever seen! There’s more to his story. Read it here:

“My father ran a screen printing company in Jabalpur, but because of various reasons we lost all our money and our…

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Monday, December 28, 2015