Muruga’s journey to create cheaper sanitary pads involved him wearing them and his wife leaving him

When he got married, Arunachalam Muruganantham, or Muruga began giving small gifts to his wife to impress her. Later, he realized that wife was using old rags to manage her periods. He then became obsessed with making the perfect sanitary pad for her.  His neighbours called him a pervert and his wife left him, but he never gave up.

After years of work, his invention has changed the lives of millions of women across India. Al Jazeera English shared his inspiring story. He even wore the napkins himself which caused his wife to leave him. Today. thorough research and relentless commitment for the same, he has managed to finding a cheap, efficient and hygienic solution for menstrual hygiene which took him four and a half years. His wife gave him a call after 5 years and today she proudly stands by him. What an inspiring story! Know more about it in this video: