FYI, Indians were behind some of the biggest discoveries of the world; let Gaurav Kapur tell you how

Christopher Columbus, Leonardo da Vinci, Samuel Morse, Isaac Newton – these names ring a bell when we think of significant discoveries and inventions of the world. These are the people, who with their revolutionary inventions, changed the face of the world.

But until SnG Comedy shared a video named ‘Indians In History feat. Gaurav Kapur’, little did we know that none of these inventions could have been possible without the involvement of Indians. Not just a minor role, but Indians have played a major, significant role in these people’s lives. Without them, we could have never had the concept of gravity, or Mona Lisa, or the Morse Code. 

Don’t believe? Check out for yourself –

Indians In History (1)


Indians In History (2)

Indians In History (3)

The Bai who covered a naked Mona Lisa.

Indians In History (4)

Indians In History (5)

That guy who was eating an apple while Newton was sitting below the tree.

Indians In History (6)

Indians In History (7)

And these Indians who were talking in their own language.

Indians In History (8)

Indians In History (9)

These guys who were an inspiration for William Shakespeare’s vocabulary.

Indians In History (10)

Now let the incredibly good looking Gaurav Kapur who looks all the more charming in this video, take you through the history of inventions and Indians’ contributions for the same!