Sapan Verma just summed up everything wrong with Indian TV Censorship in his outrage

So what is it with the Indian TV Censorship, really? Did you know,

Indian TV Censored (1)

And this. It is fucking offensive, TBH.

Indian TV Censored (2)

Long live torrents.

Indian TV Censored (3)

Star World was given a notice for showing homosexuality in Grey’s Anatomy, because apparently, it is

Indian TV Censored (4)

But the cool people at Indian TV Censorship are pretty cool with showing child marriages.

Indian TV Censored (5)

And things like Black magic.

Indian TV Censored (6)

But not homosexuality, or sex, or kiss, or bras – even though they are just regular things and they bloody exist. But hey, no questions asked. Watch Sapan Verma from East India Comedy outraging on the same and making complete sense, while being his usual hilarious self: