Indian assaulted in Doha for allegedly updating inflammatory comments about Islam and the prophet

The video of a man from Kerala getting manhandled and assaulted in Doha, Qatar has been making social media rounds.

Mob attacked this Indian man at the Safari Mall in the capital of Doha on the 8th of May, after reading his derogatory comments on Islam and the prophet.

A report on Doha News hints that an audio message could have been used to move the mob that carried out the attack. In this video the man has been seen assaulted and abused in  Malayalam.

In the video clip we all can hear an unidentified voice lashing saying, ” In spite of making a lot of money in a Muslim state, he has abused Allah. It will be easy to track him down through Facebook.” in Malayalam. The person also told mob to  track the man and spread the word on the social media.

The Qatar Government and Indian officials have appealed for calm

According to the Doha News report, the president of the Indian Cultural Center in Qatar, Girish Kumarhas  said-

“It was unclear whether the victim was actually the person responsible for posting any inflammatory material online.”


Featured Image Courtesy: Pravasi Shabdam