Indians respond to Indian Army’s Myanmar Operation; you must know their answers

One can not talk about the Indian Army without feeling proud.

For me Indian Army

Just a few days ago Indian Army had to attack one of the disturbing areas of the North East, Myanmar border.

“On June 4, tribal guerrillas, using rocket-propelled grenades and detonating improvised explosive devices, killed 20 soldiers and injured several others in an ambush when a military convoy was traveling to the state capital Imphal from the town of Motul in Manipur.India’s response to these attacks came five days later on June 9 when the Indian Army attacked rebel camps inside Myanmar early Tuesday morning, destroying two camps and killing up to 15 rebels.” – New Indian Express

BeingIndian decided to talk a few people to find out what they thought about this move by the Indian Army,

It is absolutely necessary for at least the youth to be

and what the terrorists has done in the first place.

Terrorists are not following any rule of any land.

Was it right to give this mission so much publicity in the media?

18 of our men were killed, it should definitely be publicized.

And, what should be done now?

Now they have killed our men

Watch this video to find out what more these Indians had to say about Indian Army’s Myanmar Operation.