In less than 2 minutes Vir Das conveys a strong message to all the patriots out there

India is free today, but it wasn’t, yesterday. We’re going to be free tomorrow as well. We’re Indians and we’re proud of it, which is why we can call ourselves patriots. And since we’re patriots, only our opinions about the nation matter, right? After all, that’s what patriotism means, isn’t it?

Vir Das happens to agree with our thought process. In his new video’s description, 2 Minutes of Sedition – India Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, he writes,

This video is for anyone who loves India, and is sick of having other people define their patriotism. Made this video a while ago. Was waiting for the right time to put it out there. As one watches the news and sees the hatred that seems to be spreading…I guess the time feels right. Calm down….watch!

Watch the full video here.