These illustrations of miniature people dealing with routine objects are brilliant!

Poy is a Thai designer. He is passionate for photography and has been doing it since years now and in a number of styles. He says,

Since last year, my inspiration came from one of The Japanese animation named “Arrietty” by Studio Ghibli. It was a story about miniature people that lived with humans all the time, but they haven’t even been noticed. This sparked my idea.

Actually, this kind of style is not something new. There are lots of famous photographers who have been taking photos of these little guys so I try to differentiate my work by playing with objects, tools, fruits, etc. Highlight on a surrealistic idea that is built around imagination.

Here are the brilliantly done illustrations. We can’t take our eyes off from them. For more of Poy’s work, you can visit his Facebook page.


Kon-Tua-Jew barber

Street basketball


Hot air balloon


Wok spatula

Dig dig diggggg

Little playground


Dental floss

Out of water




Lime factory

High quality lint roller

Grape soda