20 illogical Indian advertisements that are extremely annoying

Indian adverts have strong market on television. You like or dislike them, but you ought to watch them. Some of our commercials are great, leaving a message that we rarely follow and so let’s not talk about it, rather I have compiled some of those crappiest and senseless advertisements which might have once made you lose your mind. Don’t freak on me as it is just for fun, to make you laugh.

Here are some of the illogical Indian adverts that makes us sick to the core:

1. Dairy Milk Silk
Chocolate lovers, I understand the craziness for Dairy Milk, but this isn’t the way you eat this yummy bar, do you?

2. Rajnigandha
Awesome music, lyrics and yes not to forget PC, but can somebody please explain me the logic of being a kind human with having silver coated eliachi (Cinnamon)?

3. Harpic
Why can’t Hussain just give away the Harpic power to people? He takes all pain to shoot the cleaning process just to get us an eww feeling!

4. Fair and Lovely
So senseless! Is this a fairness ad or a fitness ad? It convinces me on the fitness part.

5. Colgate
No, you just need to stop eating chocolates all the time. No tooth paste can heal the damaged tooth vessels.

6. J. K. Cement
What the…? What is the product? Some of the Indian advertisements need to dig into the concept before releasing the ad.

7. Wild Stone Deodorant
The girl unties the thread the kite just because she was tempted by the deodorant fragrance. Really?

8. Godrej Cinthol
I have used this product and it is not even close to ice.

9. Idea
Though all the Idea commercials have a message, this particular one was not expected to be dragged into the old Doordarshan days.

10. Godrej hair color
God, someone please tell this girl that her screams are so annoying. The “Oh my god, Oh my god” makes me switch off the channel.

11. Chaini Chaini
Come out of the dreams dude, first tell us what is Chaini Chaini, anyway?

12. Garnier Light – No oil fairness cream
PC, you rock the B-town, but what happens when you do TVCs? Too disappointed by your Chip Chipk dance :( It appears more like aerobics!

13. Amul vests
Oh god. Wearing a Macho vest is so comfortable? Saif, can you do this on Mumbai local railway station?

14. Relaxo Slippers
Salman, this was least expected from you. Though in this commercial you said, “Yeh Kuch Zyaada ho Gaya”, I would like to say “yeh kuch horrible ho gaya”!

15. Johnson Tiles
Ranbir, I hope you read this. After working for Aamsutra and Johnson tiles, I doubt Katrina’s intentions. LOL!

16. Spearmint : Kiss Challenge
Kiss challenge. Oh boy, really? You better stay away from men then!

17. MDH Masala
The immortal brand ambassador of MDH; I have never come across any MDH TVCs without him.

18. Choc On
Frankly, one more by Katrina and I don’t understand what is it all about. Too many Katrinas to handle.

19. Euro undergarments
Seriously? An underwear can get you laid?

20. Complan
Ok great, your genes have nothing to do with your height. Even Giraffes must be drinking Complan!

Had fun? Let’s share this and let India laugh on some of the lamest work done. If you have few more to add to this list, then don’t forget to share with me in the comments section below :)

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