11 life lessons we can learn from the legendary IIN ads

Unlike the epic IIN ads, my title is not at all misleading, and you’ll see why, when you scroll down. Keeping aside the shitty concept of ‘Idea Internet Network’ and ignoring how fucking irritating they are, I thought of looking at the brighter side.

Quite surprisingly, there are indeed a few life lessons which each of these ads teach. Check them out and let me know if you’re as stunned by them as much as I am.

P.S. Since I mentioned shitty concepts, here is an honorary mention of yet another gem from Idea – the girl who wouldn’t get fooled by prospective boyfriends (#NoUlluBanaoing)

1. The first ad of the entire series which gave birth to a lot more umm. epic ads.

Lesson: You don’t need a college when you have the Internet. Also, if you can’t get into IIT, that’s the end of your career. You must now join your dad’s bakery. 

Because screw studying for your exams, screw your parents’ dreams, screw everything, because you have Wikipedia. And every other source of information you can imagine, available on the Internet. What’s the whole point of going to the school or college when everything is there online?

2. Lesson: Not only can you study Biology and Economics together, taking inspiration from this dude, you can also be a doctor and an engineer at the same time, just the way your parents have always wanted. 

Because screw the education system devised by some of the most intelligent people of the country. When you have the Internet, you can study whatever the fuck you please to.


3. Lesson: You could become a teacher and take lessons, just by scrolling through the Internet minutes before your classes.

Because screw the whole process of becoming a teacher and the massive responsibilities of educating the future of the nation that the profession has. 

4. Lesson: You can quit studying law and get married and then your kids will buy you a smartphone. (Whaaaaaa)

Because screw the education system yet again, whoever thinks studying law is a tough job is clearly an asshole. Here there are people who are teaching us that you can become lawyers after surfing the Internet. *slow clap*

5. Lesson: You can learn any fucking language on the Internet whenever you want.

Because screw the difficulties and challenges while learning a new language. All you need is a goddamn smartphone with the Internet.  

6. Lesson: we can mistreat the transgenders of our country royally and nobody would give a flying fuck about it.

Because screw equality. Dear Idea guys, you might want to see this – 


Manabi became the first transgender principal of a college in India. And here you are telling that they are denied education. High time we stop misleading people, shall we? 

7. Lesson: You don’t need any kind of talent to be a writer or a poet, you got the Internet for that. All hail plagiarism.

Because screw the talent and hardwork of those legendary writers and poets, all you need is the Internet where you can copy and ‘learn’.

8. Lesson: Forget school, you can learn Algebra online.

Because, why not?

9. Lesson: You might not have some thousand rupees to pay your college fees, but somehow, you will still have lakhs to start up your own five star hotel. Brownie points: you get to become a chef too, simultaneously. FTW.

Because, screw years of hardwork to learn hospitality and hotel management and cooking. When you have IIN, you could be the next Sanjeev Kapoor. 

10. Lesson: You could be the next Pritam easily, if you have a sitar (pun intended).

Because screw this art of music, what do you need more when you already have a sitar and a smartphone?

11. This is my favorite, BTW.

Lesson: you can fucking make a superbike overnight from a normal motorcycle. #TrueStory

Because, screw your dad’s feelings and the money he put in to buy a gift for a brat like you on your birthday. Forget that the gift was a sign of love, go ahead, be a selfish moron and change it to something that would suit your douchy self.

That’s about it. My heart feels a lot more calmer after sharing those amazing life lessons that the geniuses at Idea taught me. Want to add some more to the list? Let us know in the comments section below!