Hrithik Roshan manages another faux pas while talking about Manipur attack; gets trolled

Yesterday, 20 soldiers got killed in Manipur and at least 11 soldiers got wounded due to an attack by a Manipuri tribal militant group. The news was extremely depressing and people shared their condolences. Even Hrithik Roshan shared his condolences on Twitter, but did a major faux pas in expressing so.

A few days back he trended on Twitter for posting about ‘The Dress’ after 3 months. Today, the twitterati is trolling him for this tweet:

 He misunderstood the Manipuri tribal militant group for Manipuri tribals. Like always, people started taking a dig at him:  

There were some who were genuinely concerned for what must have happened.

Whatever must have happened, we don’t know, but Hrithik made a correction –

Are we the only ones who think that the Greek God badly needs a good social media agency to handle his account? Let us know in the comments section below!

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