How America first got to know about their staple food- Pizza?

Wonder how the world got introduced to pizza!

This is how the foodie in us defines “Pizza”- One food we can never imagine the weekends without! Being an Italian cuisine, we wonder how people got to know about Pizza. How did people got to know there is an incredible round piece of dough topped with generous cheese and toppings in existence? So we gathered a bit of news and found out how Americans were first introduced to Pizza. American troops had their first pizza in Italy and this image has been taken from an actual newspaper image that was circulated in the States on 20th September, 1944.

newss of food


The then reporter, Jane Holt describes pizza as “a pie popular in Southern Italy…filled with any number of different centers.” Her article also introduced us to something extremely new. The plural of pizza is ‘pizze’. Thank god! Now we all can really show off that exquisite word!

What we think is that soon after this, America had taken to eating pizza, made it their staple food and the rest of us got to know about it through our visits to each other’s countries, movies, friends, etc.

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