How a Hindu girl and a Muslim guy fought their battle to be together restores faith in true love

They say true love sees no boundaries and time and again, we come across powerful stories that make us believe so. This time, a story shared by Humans of Bombay has restored our faith in true love and we cannot stop beaming with pride to see people doing so much just to be together, with family’s blessings.

This is a story of a Hindu girl and a Muslim guy who fell in love and made their families realize how serious they were, for each other. The guy assured the girl’s family that she can follow her religion.

After so many years, we finally made it happen. It was a difficult process, but easy because from day one I knew that it was her or nobody else.
Today, our families are respecting of our different religions — her family celebrates Eid with us, and our family celebrates all their festivals with them. The love between us managed to break more boundaries than force ever could…and that has been our biggest victory.

 This was the best thing to read on Valentine’s Day. Here’s the full story:

“We first met when we were in the 12th grade, studying at Wilson college. At that point, I was seeing someone else so I…

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Saturday, February 13, 2016