18 tweets that will make you laugh your ASS off, this World Toilet Day

So yes, International Men’s Day and World Toilet Day fall on the same day. As always, Twitter never disappoints when you want to have a good laugh. Here, I have collected a few awesome tweets!

Spoilers: Today is also Indira Gandhi’s birthday. Yes, it is!

1. Indian railways and our pooping woes!


2. Wordplay. Word.


3. On Modi Ji and his foreign tours.


4. Female toilet woes.


5. Sajid Khan woes.


6. For those of you who are in a gift shop.


7. And then we have some KRK fans.


8. I thought it was at Sharad Pawar’s residence. Anywho, I’m off to his place.


9. Must. See. John Day.


10. But hey, what’s there in a name?


11. Please do the needful.


12. Mennist much, yo?


13. And that is how they make the calender for important days.


14. Because it takes your shit everyday!


15. This is actually a good idea.


16. Naah. I keep saying random things. Unless you really want to do it.


17. I know, right?


18. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Let me know what you think of these days – right in the comments section below.

Oh, also, happy birthday, Indira ji.

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