11 ways you could help a friend who is going through a break-up

The worst thing that could happen to your BFF is a break up. When you are broken up with, you are nothing but a cry baby, asking friends to go away but you actually need them. And you know it! So if a friend is going through a break up, what you can do for them is something that will make them feel slightly better. If you believe in the saying.”shit happens”, and if you are going to say this to your friend, you should probably not even meet them. Because what your friend needs right now is nothing but a companion who could listen to them and be with them through the hard days.

Here are 11 ways you could help a friend after going through a break-up.

1.Let them cry. Do not tell your friend to not cry. Crying is good. Your friend will feel light after it. 



2. Do something new together. Now that she has more time. You could both join the dance classes you both always wanted to or you both could start a new blog, that is even better!



3. Get your friend a pup or visit fluffy friends at a pet store.



4. Watch light hearted comedy movies.

watching movie


5. Go party but keep a watch on how much they drink. You would not want your friend to get emotional about her break-up after heavy drinking.


6. Travel. Plan out a day-trip with your friend. Choose a place where you both have a had a good time before. Refrain from going to a place where your friend had once gone with their partner. 



7. Don’t let your friend make any wrong decisions in life. When we think emotionally, we tend to make quick choices. Help your friend avoid making any mistakes. 

blake lively


8. Go out, shop, dine, watch movies and have a good time. 

best friends forever


9. Read books together. 



10. People lose confidence in themselves after a break-up. We all think there was something wrong with us. Don’t let your friend feel small or “not good enough for anyone”. Make them feel good about their achievements and how good they are at everything they know.

best friend


11. Call them more often now so they stop expecting their gone partners to call them back. 



All of above stated ideas will totally work to help a friend come out of the “break-up phase”. If you have any other advice, do share it in the comments section below.